The next market is on Sat. October 1st (9:30-1230)

We still have 2 more markets, featuring the very best of the market season.  

The harvests in October are the healthiest, tastiest and most colourful of the year!   Just in time for your Thanksgiving dinner preparations, YELLOWPOINT CRANBERRIES will be back at the Community Table for the final 2 markets, CAPTAIN PETE will be there with spectacular salmon, and Jordie with side stripe shrimp! All our growers' tables are overflowing with squash, tomatoes, greens, carrots, beets... and for fall fruit, there are apples and pears, as well as sweet, juicy local watermelons and canteloupes. FOREST FOR DINNER will be back again with wild chanterelles and dried morel mushrooms!  We'll have a full selection of Moonstruck Organic Cheeses and Country Wools' lamb cuts and sausages at the Community Table.  Flower Power's baking is stuffed with all these seasonal offerings, and the preserves and bouquets will help you bring all the colours and flavours home.  Weather permitting, we're very happy to welcome SWING KEY back to the market.

Don't forget that the market runs for just 2 more weeks, and there's lots of great produce just now ready to harvest, so there are plenty of reasons to head out to stock up on the best of everything the peninsula has to offer. 

 (Clicking on "read more" will take you straight to the list of vendors and what they're bringing this week.)

The weekly markets will run until October 8th (Thanksgiving).


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Becoming a Market Vendor or Volunteer

Our market is focused on supporting agriculture and food production on the Saanich Peninsula.  We`re currently looking for new growers and food vendors to serve healthy food at the market.  Read more »

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