A great time was had by all!   The rain held off and the community celebrated a wonderful cultural, learning and food experience. UVic's Community Mapping Calabratory has and excellent article with great images of the event - take a look! (For lots more images of the Pit Cook - and the market - go to our Facebook page and click on Photos)

The first pit was starting on Friday morning, and while the rocks heated, we brewed wild-crafted tea over the fire. 

Then came the preparation of the pit itself on Friday evening, a challenging and frantic dance in the dark, with volunteers piling layers of salal, nootka rose and thimbleberry branches over the white hot rocks before adding venison and elk roasts, and camas bulbs.  

On Saturday morning, the second pit was prepared and filled with a variety of root vegetables.

And then the open barbeque pit for the salmon, clams, mussels and corn.

... Oh, and a Coast Salish delicacy: barbequed fish heads...

And while all that was going on, there were chanterelle mushrooms being cooked, a cordage making workshop that all ages took part in, and traditional stories being shared by John Bradley Williams of the Tsawout Nation.

And then, WE ATE!

We gratefully acknowledge the following for making this event possible:

  • The Tseycum nation, on whose traditional lands the market and this pit cook took place
  • The Tsawout nation, in particular Earl Claxton Jr. and John Bradley Williams
  • St. John's United Church
  • Brenda Beckwith, PhD, Senior Lab Instructor, Sessional Instructor & Undergraduate Student Adviser, School of Environmental Studies, University of Victoria
  • Ken Josephson, Cartographer, Geography, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Victoria
  • Vancity EnviroFund
  • Michael Schmidt ( for these and all the outstanding photographs of the market
  • The board and vendors of the North Saanich Farm Market